Selling Your Home: How it works

Once a decision has been made to sell your house you will need an experienced, professional real estate agent to ensure that the sale is executed quickly and profitably. We will help you with the mechanics such as showing your house and using effective advertising.

Greg will search for prospective buyers and add your listing immediately to the market via the computer data bank.

He will give you a general idea of how long it will take to sell your house based on similar sales in the area.

But before these actions are taken, he will help you decide on the all-important factor: the sale price of your house.

To make this decision you should have an accurate idea of the value of the house by current real estate standards, and you should have an estimate of your net proceeds from the sale.

Greg will prepare a Competitive Market Analysis of your house which will provide you with the information you need, including measurements, property perimeters and financing. It will compare your property to similar property in your area, sold and unsold, to determine list price, sales price, length of listing and terms of sale. (Click here to see "Price It Right").

When the analysis is complete, he will be able to suggest a list price for your house and an accurate indication of your net proceeds.

Financing - The financing obtained by a prospective buyer can greatly affect your net proceeds. Greg will explain the different kinds of financing, including how much each type would net you. He will check the mortgage for non-assumption clauses, pre-payment penalty and avoidance and contract sale possibilities.

Closing Costs - Seller's costs on final settlement vary greatly depending upon the financing received by the buyer, and by the requirements of the seller's existing mortgage. The most common expenses are the brokerage fee, documentary fees, title insurance charges (usually split between the buyer and the seller), recording releases of mortgages and deeds of reconveyance, bringing your real estate taxes current (to settlement date) and homeowners' association fees, if applicable.

However, it is very important that you be aware of special requirements in your existing loan documents. Some require 30 days notice prior to paying off the mortgage.

Greg Sapp will bring the total extent of his time and knowledge to obtain the best possible price on the sale of your house.

Closing Costs Check List:

  • brokerage fee
  • documentary fees
  • title insurance charges
  • recording releases
  • deeds of reconveyance
  • real estate taxes
  • homeowners' association

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